Twitch Studio is going into open beta today with the goal of enabling anyone to become a livestreamer.

The aim from Amazon’s Twitch division is to get new streamers to learn how to stream quickly. Twitch Studio has livestream production features such as a guided stream setup, which simplifies the detection of your PC’s microphone, webcam, monitor resolution, bitrate, and more to help your stream looks and sounds great.

It also has customizable templates, or starter layouts and overlays to help streamers to effortlessly personalize the look of their streams. It also provides integrated alerts, which easily monitor and interact with a community using Twitch Studio’s built-in alerts, activity feed, and Twitch chat.

The closed beta was out for a few months. Lots of streamers signed up and gave feedback. Twitch integrated those suggestions and now the beta is available to anyone with a Windows 7 machine or newer. Twitch has more than 3 million streamers, with 500,000 of them streaming daily.