Imagine if you gave the power of drag and drop machine learning and automation to every employee in your company. Seasoned data scientists would become more productive, rapidly building highly scalable and efficient models, and have the time to focus more closely on the most mission critical business issues. Newly-minted data science grads, or anyone new to machine learning, could improve their coding skills even as they create complex models for production with just a few clicks. And the citizen data scientist role would finally come into its own.

When you hand over the keys to automated machine learning to the folks who can identify your company’s essential challenges and opportunities, you’ll unlock a powerful new competitive advantage.

Business domain experts — those with the business knowledge to identify essential challenges and opportunities — are in critical need of access to these tools. The problem? They don’t have the technical expertise. In other words, they can’t code or don’t have deep data science expertise. At the same time, the availability gap for professional data scientists remains a significant challenge.

The solution: innovative drag-and-drop workflow capabilities which simplify the process of building, testing, and deploying machine learning models for users who prefer a visual experience to a coding experience, or lack a coding background. At the same time, automated ML gives the data science professionals a tremendous boost in productivity, easing the availability gap to all within the enterprise in need of their advanced skills.

Get the whole story:The citizen data scientist role has become integral to cross departmental strategy and initiatives, and new machine learning tools are helping companies dig deeper into their data than ever before. Get the scoop on how these tools are transforming businesses in every industry.

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