Buying gifts for someone who buys everything for themselves is a real pain. If they want something, they’re not going to wait to ask you to get it for them. So you have to get creative. And we’re going to help you with that with this holiday shopping guide.

For the person who is into new experiences

Valve Index

Price: $999
Where to buy: Steam
Our review: Here

The Valve Index is by far the best virtual reality headset in terms of performance and features. And if you are shopping for someone who has everything and want to go big, the Index is a great gift. It’s the most immersive VR solution with a wide field of view, nearly imperceptible pixels, and great controllers snap onto your hands.

If you want something more affordable, go with the Oculus Quest. It doesn’t have a lot of the tech in the Index, but it’s completely wireless and doesn’t need a PC. It also starts at $400.

For the person who has more games than time

Razer Junglecat

Price: $100
Where to buy: Razer

The Junglecat is one of my favorite new gizmos. It is a silly name, but it’s a great solution for playing games on a smartphone with physical buttons and sticks. It turns the supported phones (Razer Phone 2, Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10+, and Samsung Galaxy Note 9) into something like a weird Nintendo Switch.

This means you can play mobile games like Fortnite with physical controls. But what it really means is you have a comfortable way to play games streaming using Steam Link, GeForce Now, Project xCloud, or a number of other services.

I love the Junglecat because it is enabling me to play my PC games in more places than ever, which is crucial as someone with a lot of games and no time.

For the person who loves coffee more than people

Trade Coffee subscription

Price: $60
Where to buy: Drink Trade

If you know a person likes coffee and not much else, Trade Coffee is a great present. You can buy them bags, and then Trade will enable the gift recipient to customize exactly what they end up getting.

For the person who worries about too much

GeoZilla Tracker (with 1-year data plan)

Price: $100
Where to buy: GeoZilla

The GeoZilla Tracker is a dongle for keeping track of your loved ones … or a Nintendo Switch. Unlike some other similar devices, GeoZilla’s tracker supports a data connection. So it can tell you where it is even if you aren’t nearby.

GeoZilla includes a lot of different ways to connect the Tracker to a person or a device. If you want to put it on a kid to ensure they get home safe, it has a carabiner. But it also has pouches and more.

You do have to pay for the data, but you do that through GeoZilla. A year of data costs $50. You can also pay monthly at $5.

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