Magic Leap and Insomniac Games announced a new game, Strangelets, for the Magic Leap One. The game is a followup to Insomniac’s previous AR title Seedling, which released last year.

According to Insomniac, Strangelets follows on from Seedling’s story and sees players continue to deal with “the effects of ‘The Schmelling Incident'” from the first game. The Magic Leap blog also provides a brief description: “With the help of a mysterious companion known only as ‘Bulby,’ Strangelets invites players to search their homes for dimensional rifts, reach inside to rescue strange alien creatures, then care for their collection by using harvested energy from real-world objects.”

The game also supposedly takes real-world time and weather into account to vary the gameplay, and features a story “worthy of retelling.”

Sony recently acquired Insomniac Games and, as such, the announcement for the game suggests Strangelets will be their last release as an independent studio. Before Strangelets, their most recent release is Stormland, an Oculus-exclusive VR title, which was announced before the acquisition but released after it. Stormland’s release was unaffected by the acquisition, but the studio’s future in AR and VR remains unclear.

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