SuperData is launching SuperData XR Dimensions today, a new platform that will gather intelligence on the virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality market.

XR stands for extended reality, a term that encompasses AR, VR, and mixed reality. SuperData is a game research firm that Nielsen owns.

SuperData XR Dimensions expects revenues from VR hardware to reach $2.1 billion by then of 2019. That is up 31% from 2018, thanks in large part to the wireless headset the Oculus Quest.

Those who subscribe SuperData XR Dimensions will have access via the platform’s dashboard to data including VR adoption numbers, monthly active users for mobile AR, and spending on location-based VR.

“With XR on track to be an $8.5 billion industry next year, businesses need an effective way to measure and analyze the market,” said Stephanie Llamas, head of XR at SuperData, in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “With SuperDataXR Dashboard, we’re powering the entire gaming ecosystem to help them better understand which applications and use cases are driving growth, revenues by region and purchasing behavior by segment to determine how best to maintain market share or break into the XR market.”


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