The intimate and award-winning social VR experience Where Thoughts Go: Prologue is now on the Oculus Quest. In it, you discover anonymous audio clips recorded by other users, and record your own to be left in the virtual world for other users to discover.

It’s a complicated concept that is, in all honestly, best explained by the developers themselves:

Where Thoughts Go: Prologue thematically explores the course of a lifetime through five simple questions written to dig deep. The voice recordings you hear are unique and unidentifiable, left by individuals from every walk of life, every age, and every background. Participants have no way to discern who they are hearing from, only how considerate and sensitive each and every person is.

You can also get a bit more of an understanding of the visual presentation of these ideas through the trailer above.

The experience was designed by Lucas Rizzotto in 2017 to combat the impersonal nature of  social media and online interactions. It has since won several awards and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2018 to critical acclaim. The experience is already available for PC VR headsets, but it launches today for the Oculus Quest.

The experience has not just been well received critically, but also by the general public. Rizzotto states that many users find the experience “meaningfully affects how they look at themselves and others, showcasing the power of VR and its lingering impact for human-centered design.”

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