Awesome Games Done Quick has ended its week-long marathon, boasting an impressive tally of over $3.1 million in donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

This is a new record for Games Done Quick, which runs this marathon and Summer Games Done Quick every year. Both events don’t just raise awareness about retro games and speedrunning but benefit charities as well. The last record came from the previous event, Summer Games Done Quick 2019, which raised just over $3 million.

GDQ is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The first GDQ was a small, grassroots affair, raising just over $10,000. The event has grown tremendously since then, hosting numerous speedrunners who play through games new and old as fast as possible, all while an audience cheers them on and viewers contribute donations.

Congratulations to GDQ, all of the runners, and everyone who donated.


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