Gameye has signed deals with R8 Games and Toadman Interactive to bring two more multiplayer games into its business of creating matchmaking services for multiplayer online games.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands-based Gameye is adding Toadman Interactive’s Block N Load and R8 Games’ Pacer racing title to its portfolio of customers using its multiplayer matchmaking technology.

Gameye started in the esports sector, deploying multiplayer game sessions as close to the player as possible, with clients like Battlefy, Toornament, and Now Gameye has moved on to work with game studios directly, implementing its tech in the early stages of game development.

Gameye has been hosting Toadman Interactive’s Block N Load, which has engaged more than 3.5 million players worldwide, for over half a year now.

Meanwhile, R8 Games will run its new combat racer game Pacer on Gameye’s scalable infrastructure.

Above: Pacer is a gravity-defying racing game.

Image Credit: R8 Games

Steve Iles, studio manager at R8 Games, said in a statement that building a fun and stable online multiplayer experience for Pacer was hugely important and the company chose Gameye because of its focus on providing low latency infrastructure.

Sebastiaan Heijne, CEO of Gameye, said in a statement that the goal is to provide gamers with the best multiplayer experience out there by working closely with the studios making the games.