Procter & Gamble’s Gillette brand and Amazon’s Twitch livestreaming service have formed the Gillette Gaming Alliance, a team of five Twitch streamers from around the world who will collaborate with the razor maker to create content for their fans.

It’s another sign that the biggest brands in the world are paying attention to esports, which is starting to rival or even surpass traditional sports in snagging young audiences.

This is a continuation of a partnership that began in 2017. Each of the Alliance members was selected to represent the brand and create customized content to engage with millions of viewers and fans worldwide. The alliance consists of the biggest Twitch streamers: Dr Lupo, NateHill, DogDog, Alanzoka, and Elded.

In addition, members of the Gillette Gaming Alliance will support the “Bits for Blades” program, which provides fans the opportunity to earn Twitch Bits, a virtual good users can send in chat to support and cheer for their favorite streamers.

As a result, Twitch users who buy Gillette products through will enter a unique promo code at check out and will receive an email code following their purchase to redeem their Twitch Bits. This year’s program brings a leveled-up value proposition for consumers, including 2,000 bits for $10-plus spent, 5,000 bits for $25-plus spent, and 10,000 bits for $50-plus spent.

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