Pokémon fans don’t always get what they want from developer GameFreak. But that creates an opportunity for other studios to fill in the gaps. That’s exactly what Temtem from Spanish developer Crema is. It’s the massively multiplayer online game that Pokémon fans always wanted … only without the titular pocket monsters themselves. But gamers had so much pent-up demand for a game like Temtem that is has already surpassed 500,000 copies sold. And it hit that number in the single month since its January 21 release.

Crema announced the milestone in a post on Twitter. The studio also revealed some in-game player metrics. For example, trainers tamers have bred more than 1.4 million Temtem. You can get Temtem on Steam for $35. It is currently available as part of that platform’s Early Access program for unfinished games.

As part of that process, Crema also updated Temtem today with a significant patch. This update improves the trade system and offers up other improvements as well.

If you’re wondering what is next for the game, the studio says it is working on sharing more of its plans.

“Curious about what exactly is in store for Temtem,” Crema asked on Twitter. “We know! We hear you and know you want to gaze into the future with us — the roadmap is being polished and [is] on its way.”

In the meantime, you can find the full patch notes for the latest Temtem update on the studio’s website.

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