The best way for organizations to reach people right now is through the platforms everyone is already using. That means broadcasting to video services like Twitch and YouTube. But it takes a lot of bandwidth to send a live feed to multiple channels unless you use an intermediary like Restream that replicates the broadcast for you. To help Red Cross, WHO, and more, Restream is making its services free for groups responding to COVID-19.

Restream enables you to broadcast one livestream to its server and then split off that stream to more than 30 social networks. This saves a massive amount of bandwidth for content creators. It also simplifies the process of reaching different pockets of people that may prefer one platform over another.

”In the last month, Restream has seen our daily usage double, proving organizations, businesses, and creators are relying on virtual connection and live content now more than ever,” Restream chief executive Alexander Khuda said. “We’re proud to lend our services to groups and institutions confronting the pandemic at this time.”

WHO and the press agency of the Lombardia region in Italy have already started using Restream.

“During the Coronavirus pandemic, WHO has started using Restream to share information including our daily press conferences,” WHO social media manager Aleksandra KuzManovic said. “Restream makes it easy for us to stream our live content to all of our social channels simultaneously. This allows us to disseminate essential information and reach as many people as possible with vital, real time updates on the outbreak.“

Restream is accepting registrations for more organizations involved in the response. Your group can sign up for free access to its services right here.

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