If you’ve not been deemed an essential worker by your respective government, then the odds that you are stuck indoors right now is pretty good. As many industries and individuals adjust their routines to combat this global crisis, it is important to maintain not only your distance from others but your sanity as well. Between reading the latest headlines and taking walks with a six-foot personal bubble, is your time at home being spent as productively as you’d like?

With the Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Featuring Rosetta Stone, you have options when it comes to how you’d like to self-isolate. Make the most of your time at home with lifetime subscriptions to three great services: KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, the top-selling virtual private network; 12min Premium Micro Book Library, novels condensed to their most essential elements; and Rosetta Stone, the award-winning language learning program with instruction for 24 different languages. This bundle is meant to encourage social distancing and stop the spread of COVID-19, though lifetime access ensures that you can keep busy long after the quarantine is over. Here’s a breakdown:

Why a VPN?

Consumer VPN usage has seen a 65% increase in demand according to review site Top10VPN, and that should be no surprise as cybercriminals continue to take advantage of more people working and surfing the web from home. If you’re not currently using a VPN, now’s the time to protect yourself. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is a top-rated solution for those wanting to regain full control of their digital life. With no speed, bandwith, or geographical limits, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is trusted by over 10 million customers globally to keep their privacy and security guaranteed. As a bonus, using a VPN allows users to bypass geo-blocked content, opening up an entire world (pun intended) of potential streaming.

Learn languages with Rosetta Stone

Although you’ll have access to one, no VPN is required to use Rosetta Stone, the world’s leading language learning software. Learn French, German, Japanese, and any of the other included 24 languages with Rosetta Stone’s immersive interactive software. A combination of text, photo matching, and speaking exercises will have you sounding like a native speaker by the time you can board an international flight again. Purchasing unlimited access to Rosetta Stone alone would justify the price of this bundle.

Fly through your reading list with micro books

If English is more your speed, you’ll love 12min Premium Micro Book Library. Each month, 12min provides 30 new titles designed to be read and digested in, you guessed it, 12 minutes. The team behind this mobile app reads books so you don’t have to, synthesizing each story into a quick yet comprehensive experience sure to leave you with a new idea or two.

Self-isolation doesn’t have to equal boredom. The best part is that the Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Featuring Rosetta Stone is on sale now for just $199, more than 75 percent off its original price.

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