Casinos aren’t buzzing with gamblers anymore. But if and when they open, consumers may be surprised to see roulette-like wheels based on Etermax’s Trivia Crack mobile game.

GameCo, creator of the video game gambling machine, has partnered with Buenos Aires, Argentina-based Etermax to create the gambling machines.

Trivia Crack has had more than 500 million downloads thanks to its challenging and fun trivia puzzles. Since its launch in 2013, Trivia Crack has remained in the top charts, reaching the No. 1 spot for trivia games in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil and over 125 other countries across both iOS and Android.

GameCo’s Trivia Crack Video Game Gambling Machines are expected make their debut in late 2020. By that time, Las Vegas-based GameCo hopes that casinos will reopen. Similar to the mobile game, players will spin a wheel, which is split up into trivia categories like Arts, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography and History, with the objective to obtain all six characters on the wheel by answering the questions correctly. GameCo’s Trivia Crack VGM will also feature competitive esports-style tournaments with GameCo’s proprietary multiplayer arena technology. The Trivia Crack gambling game will enable people to place bets during gameplay.

GameCo business development head Rich Maryyanek said in a statement his company was thrilled to bring fans a brand new way to play in casinos where they can cash based on their trivia knowledge. He said you will be able to play solo, head-to-head, or take part in tournaments.

GameCo’s machines combine video games with gambling to allow a player’s skill to impact the payout and winnings while maintaining the same casino economics as slot machines.

GameCo recently unveiled its GamersEdge technology in a variety of new games like Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and Soul Calibur: Casino Edition, as well as new Katana and Impulse cabinets. The Trivia Crack deal was brokered by Striker Entertainment, the worldwide licensing agency on behalf of Etermax and the Trivia Crack brand and Mix Licensing Group on behalf of GameCo.

Etermax has 370 employees, while GameCo has 25.

Etermax said it has always been important to bring its experience to fans where they are, centering in the axis of entertaining, while socializing and developing knowledge. That’s how it’s been done expanding the Trivia Crack brand from mobile to smart watches, voice user interface devices, consumer products and now landing in gambling machines.

GameCo acknowledged that the coronavirus is a major issue at the moment, but the game is the early stages on the game development and the company hopes by the time it comes out late this year, the world will return to some sense of normalcy.

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