Game and esports market researcher Newzoo has teamed up with social network Reddit to extract details on consumer engagement with video games.

It’s an interesting partnership, because many of Reddit’s 430 million monthly active users are deeply engaged with games, and Newzoo will be able to mine the audience for data that is relevant to its analysis of the game market, the companies said. The firm will combine its existing data on games with community insights from gaming’s biggest social platform.

As part of the collaboration, Newzoo now has access to Reddit’s aggregated data on games engagement, fueled by the social community platform’s users.

The first phase of its implementation enables users to browse the engagement from Reddit’s main gaming-related subreddits and benchmark the level of community activity around any game IP, using a variety of metrics such as total subscribers, posts per day, and comments per day.

In addition to using feedback from its clients, Newzoo will expand these insights over time. Both companies also envision creating unique insights and metrics by combining social, viewing and gaming engagement data, valuable to game developers, publishers, and any other market with an interest in games.

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