Creatively is launching a new job site to allow creative professionals to show off their portfolios and connect with employers who need experienced artists.

Job sites are plentiful, but creative professionals face specific challenges, like images being displayed without sufficient resolution, said CEO Greg Gittrich in an interview with VentureBeat.

“With Creatively, our whole mission is to champion and help creatives,” Gittrich said. “And what Creatively does is give tools to creators across all disciplines to show off their amazing work with free portfolio tools and easy ways to collaborate. Our goal is to help them find jobs and at the same time help brands discover creative talent, especially at a time when many are working remotely.”

The idea came from cofounder Stacey Bendet, CEO of the Alice + Olivia fashion company. Gittrich notes that it’s also timely, as 30 million U.S. workers have filed for unemployment benefits since the pandemic began. The original plan was to debut the site this fall, but the company has fast-tracked the launch.

“Stacey came up with the idea because she was building a creative team. And if you are creative or you’re ever been fortunate enough to hire a creative team, you know that the other professional networking sites that exist don’t properly serve the community and don’t allow you really to see the work of creatives,” Gittrich said. “Stacey thought ‘There’s got to be a way to solve this.'”

Creatively focuses on enabling creators to show off their portfolios, with high-resolution images and 30-second videos. The platform also has collaborative features, and Gittrich said it was designed by creatives for creatives.

Above: Creatively lets artists show off their work.

Image Credit: Creatively

The platform supports photography, film, fashion design, branding, illustration, animation, CGI, app and web design, product development, interiors and architecture, emerging technologies, and much more. It will also offer work opportunities around the globe, and the tools allow creators and companies to give co-creators credit, nurturing a sense of community. By recognizing and respecting the work of past collaborators, Creatively lets artists expand their networks and invite others to join the platform to claim credit for their work.

Gittrich said you’ll find a range of creatives from the world of fashion, marketing, art, media, architecture, design, and entertainment on the beta platform, along with graduates from schools like Parsons, Pratt, SCAAD, and FIT. More than 40 brands and schools have been testing the platform, along with recent graduates and students. “We expect the numbers of creatives and brands to grow,” Gittrich said.

The site is available for free, but monetization options will likely be added in the future.

“Creatives are a … big part of the workforce and a valuable part of the economy,” Gittrich said. “And that’s why we wanted to expedite a launch to make sure that we could help them, especially with everything we’re all going through. The imagination of creatives is something that is needed now more than ever.”

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