Pac-Man turned 40 years old today. And that’s the perfect age to start a Twitch career. Bandai Namco’s pellet-munching hero is getting a new game called Pac-Man Live Studio. This is a free game that anyone can play by going to its live Twitch channel. It doesn’t require any downloads and works right in your browser. The publisher says it’s launching Pac-Man Live Studio soon.

Bandai Namco worked with Amazon Games to bring Pac-Man Live Studio to fans. The game enables up to four people to play simultaneously. Each person controls a Pac-Man with one life each. But if just one of the four players makes it through the end of the maze, everyone progresses to the next level. Your team will compete against others for a high-score, so try to survive for as long as possible.

But Pac-Man Live Studio also features Studio Mode. This gives players the tools to create their own mazes. You can then publish and share mazes with your friends and followers. Every public maze will also go into a leaderboard where players can look for the most popular creations.

You can also dive into a list of the community mazes in Select Mode. This will enable you to track down levels from popular creators and Twitch streamers.

Of course, Bandai Namco and Amazon are also including a Classic Mode. If you just want some classic 1980s-style Pac-Man, this is the mode for you.

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