Square Enix announced today that the remastered version of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles will come out for PlayStation 4, Switch, iOS, and Android on August 27.

The original Crystal Chronicles launched for GameCube back in 2003. It’s a multiplayer action role-playing game take on the Square Enix franchise. The original sold over 1 million copies. At the time, it was a return for the series to Nintendo platforms. Back then, Final Fantasy VI for the SNES, which came out in the U.S. as Final Fantasy III in 1994, was the last game in the franchise to come out for a Nintendo system.

This remastered version includes updated audio and visuals, voice acting, and new dungeons. You’ll also have online multiplayer with crossplay support. No need for Game Boy Advance link cables!

While Square Enix is confident in the PS4 and Switch release date, it notes that the iOS and Android versions may not release on August 27.

The game has players traveling with a special urn full of magical water. Staying near this water can protect players from harm, so it’s important for at least one person to carry that holy H2O. You can always put it down during fights. Speaking of battles, you can combine your spells with your friends’ to create stronger magic. It’s a creative spin on typical action RPG gameplay, and it’ll be interesting to see what a modern audience thinks of it.

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