Surprise! We’re already getting a new Spider-Man game this year, and it’s coming to PlayStation 5 this holiday season. Sony revealed Spider-Man: Miles Morales during its PS5 event today. The game stars Mile Morales instead of Peter Parker, although the former can be heard speaking in the reveal trailer.

Miles Morales debuted in the comics in 2011. There, he takes up the mantel of Spider-Man after Peter Parker’s death. The world also became familiar with the character thanks to his starring role in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, an animated movie that released in theaters in 2018. Miles Morales was also a supporting character in Insomniac’s last Spider-Man game.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales could be a launch title for PS5, but we do not know what exact date that system is launching. Sony just said “holiday 2020.” Evan Narcisse, who wrote the Rise of the Black Panther comic, is working on the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man came out for PS4 in 2018. It was a huge hit, selling over 13.2 million copies.

Update 6/12/202 8:20 a.m.: Sony has clarified to The Telegraph that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a remaster of the last game with the Miles Morales campaign acting as expansion content.

Update 6/12/202 8:50 a.m.: The plot thickens! Now Bloomberg reporter Jason Shreier is saying that Sony tells him that Miles Morales is not an expansion slapped onto a remaster.

So, honestly, who knows what the game is at this point.

Update 6/12/202 8:55 a.m.: OK, now Insomniac itself is calling Miles Morales a standalone game.

Of course, that still means it could be on the scale of an Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.