The internet has won. After years of replying to every Electronic Arts social media post with “#skate4,” fans have broken the publisher’s will. Skate is back with the fourth entry in the series, which I’m going to call Skate 4 for now.

EA revealed Skate 4 during EA Play as part of the ongoing Not E3 replacement events.

The Skate franchise is a more realistic take on the skateboarding. While Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater goes for impossible tricks and massive combos, Skate is more about foot movement. Where you control your tricks with the press of a button in Tony Hawk, you actually control you feet in Skate with the dual analog sticks. It was different enough that it grew a new audience that prefers Skate over other skateboarding sims.

Now, that audience will get a chance to reunite with Skate.

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