Riot Games said it will stage a four-week charity fundraiser for frontline health workers in League of Legends, its popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) with millions of players around the globe.

The studio’s fundraiser begins at 1 p.m. Pacific on June 25 and ends on July 23. During this time, Riot will be donating 100% of proceeds from characters such as Nurse Akali, Kennen M.D., and Surgeon Shen — and other related items — to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. That gives players a chance to give back and support frontline health workers — and with millions of people playing this MOBA, that’s a lot of potential donors.

This is the latest in a string of efforts by Riot Games to support its community during the global pandemic. It says it’s donated $4.5 million globally for COVID-19 support as of mid-May. Riot said its players also raised over $630,000 for COVID-19 relief during the 48-hour Mid-Season Streamathon. It also participated in the World Health Organization initiative Play Apart Together to encourage physical distancing and teach players about the health guidelines set by the WHO.

Above: Kennen M.D. in League of Legends

Image Credit: Riot Games

The Social Impact Fund is a nonprofit philanthropic entity, separate from Riot Games the game developer and publisher. The fund enables the company to distribute money to local nonprofits in communities around the world.