The Lego-Nintendo partnership began earlier this year. The two companies revealed a new Mario toy set that enables fans to build their own levels. But the collaboration goes beyond Mario. Lego teased the Nintendo Entertainment System set today that has builders putting together a block version of the classic 8-bit console. And it’s launching soon, according to multiple reports (via Wario64).

While Lego is only teasing the Lego Nintendo build, Hong Kong gaming site VJGamer grabbed images of the product that provide a lot more detail. The kit will have you piecing together an NES, a game cartridge, a gamepad, and a vintage-style CRT television. It comes with 2,646 pieces, and German site Stonewars claims it is launching August 1 for €230 ($262) exclusively on the Lego store.

It also looks like the CRT has some sort of slight interactive elements. Mario appears over the screen with a lever on his back, so he should be able to jump through the level. But don’t expect to swap in and out cartridges or to build the NES’s classic 6502 processor. This is definitely a play on nostalgia.

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And the NES kit is exactly what I want from a partnership between Nintendo and Lego. My kids already have an obsession with the Lego Super Mario toy — and they haven’t even played with it yet. They just want to watch the trailer for it over and over on Nintendo’s YouTube page.

And I’m sure I’ll have fun playing with that as well, but I’m even more excited to build the NES and then to see what Lego and Nintendo do next.

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