CCP Games has launched Zenith, the third Quadrant of 2020 for the Eve Online massively multiplayer online science fiction game.

Eve Online is in its 17th year, and CCP announced earlier in 2020 that it would update the game in four Quadrants, or releases that introduce new themes, events, balance changes, and other improvements. A lot of the updates are requests from the Eve Online community, as the developers want to ensure the game continues to be fresh and exciting for all players.

Quadrant 1: Fight or Flight was about player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) changes. Quadrant 2: Eclipse was about shifting the balance of power within the game for all players. Quadrant 3: Zenith is a continuation of the previous Quadrants, also bringing in the culmination of the Triglavian invasion story arc.

Kamil Wojtas, a senior community developer at the Icelandic studio CCP, said in an email to GamesBeat that Quadrants have been a success as a way to deliver content under a thematic umbrella. They also helped CCP stick to a strong content cadence that gives players something to look forward to more often than before.

It was an adjustment for the teams at first, but they have adapted to Quadrants and synchronized to deliver content and create a thematic set of changes within a Quadrant for players to enjoy. The company says Quadrants help give lapsed players an incentive to come back.

“This approach not only strengthened our publishing efforts but also allowed the development teams to narrow down their focus and continue pushing the boundaries of Eve Online development in harmony,” Wojtas said.