Corsair is launching a new peripheral to externalize some of your PC’s functionality. The Corsair iCue Nexus is a long, thin screen that can sit on the back of your keyboard or on a desk. It connects to Corsair’s iCue software, and it enables you to see important stats about your computer’s operations. But like a Touch Bar on Apple’s MacBooks, you can also add touch buttons for activating certain tasks.

The iCue Nexus is launching soon for $100.

As the branding suggests, the Nexus is primarily for interacting with Corsair’s overarching iCue software. The company uses iCue to monitor its peripherals and to adjust RGB lighting, for example. And that means you can easily control the Corsair Viruoso’s mute function or the K70 keyboard’s lighting from the Nexus. But while it works best if you are already deep in the Corsair ecosystem, its utility isn’t limited to compatibility with the company’s products.

The iCue Nexus can also work a lot like Stream Deck from Corsair subsidiary Elgato Gaming. You can set up six custom touch buttons to do just about anything. You can open up specific apps like Discord, Netflix, or Steam, or you can set up media controls. The Nexus also supports macros, which is when you program a series of inputs into one button. And because the screen is dynamic, you can create unique macros for different games and programs.

But even if it does work beyond Corsair’s ecosystem, I’m curious if it’s worth it for someone who is all in on Logitech or Razer.

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