As many gyms remain closed during these uncertain times, it has been remarkably easy to fall out of daily exercise habits. Fortunately, there is a revolutionary app that’s here to help you get back in the saddle with an assortment of at-home exercises to keep you in shape.

With the Onyx Home Workout App, you can get a killer workout in right at home. You’ll receive unlimited workouts, exercise tracking, and personalized plans so you can better reach your fitness goals, but these aren’t the only things that Onyx brings to the table.

Onyx takes the extra step with a state-of-the-art 3D capture system which (using just your iPhone camera) scans your surroundings in order to count your reps, provide feedback on your form, and deliver personalized audio instructions so you don’t need to look at your device while you workout.

With real-time audio feedback and detailed statistics for every exercise, Onyx makes it easy to get a solid workout and track your progress over time. You can even compete with friends in a virtual exercise leaderboard.

See why Onyx was featured on Apple’s 2020 ‘Apps We Love’ list. You can get great savings on a lifetime subscription to Onyx right now for just $79.99, a massive discount of more than 70 percent.

Prices subject to change.

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