Tell Me Why was one of a handful of Xbox Global Publishing games to get a share of the spotlight at the Xbox Games Showcase today. Developer Dontnod revealed more details about the episodic adventure that follows a pair of twins as they return to their hometown. This game made headlines during its debut at the X019 London event back in November for featuring a playable transgender character. And much of the story will deal with how that twin, Tyler, deals with his past.

Tell Me Why will be available on Xbox One and PC.

Dontnod is putting an emphasis on perspective with Tell Me Why. Alyson, Tyler’s twin sister, will go through the same environments as Tyler, but each person will remember past events in different ways. As the player, you will then make decisions based on which version of the past you choose to believe.

Tell Me Why is releasing in three episodes. It was originally due out for Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and Steam in the middle of this year. The first episode is now launching in August.

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