In these continually uncertain times, we could all use a warehouse club membership for greatly reduced prices on everyday goods ranging from groceries to electronics. However, not all of us have the spare dough lying around for the annual membership fee and that’s why VB Deals is here to help out.

Right now if you pay the standard $45 for a Sam’s Club membership through VB Deals, you will receive $45 back in Sam’s Club eGiftcards, effectively providing you with a year of free membership! By signing up, you’ll immediately have access to unmatched savings on furniture, automotive supplies, clothing, and so much more. However, certain restrictions may apply to the eGiftcard itself. For instance, purchasing alcohol or tobacco products is generally prohibited.

Here’s how it works: 10 days after you sign up for a membership, you will receive a $25 eGiftcard through the email address with which you signed up. Then, simply make a purchase of $20 or more at and your second eGiftcard (worth $20) will be delivered about three weeks later. Please also note that this deal is only available to new Sam’s Club members and residents of the US.

Don’t let this absolute steal pass you by. Get your free Sam’s Club membership through VB Deals and start saving today.

Prices subject to change.

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