Daybreak Games has acquired Cold Iron Studios, which is making a PC and console game set in the Alien universe.

Daybreak said that cofounder Craig Zinkievich will continue to run Cold Iron, which is in San Jose, California. The purchase price was not disclosed. Yes, in space, no one can hear you scream. And hopefully, the screaming of the Cold Iron’s developers will cease after they’ve been bounced around so long.

Zinkievich will report to Daybreak Games CEO Ji Ham. The company said the studio will continue to work on the sci-fi action game.

The genesis of Cold Iron and the Alien game has been a long one. The studio’s founders started it in 2015; they’re former creators of City of Heroes, Star Trek Online, and Neverwinter. FoxNext Games announced in January 2018 that it acquired Cold Iron Studios from the former Kabam, which was split into different parts.

Disney assumed ownership of FoxNext Games when it acquired Fox in March 2019. Then Disney sold FoxNext Games to Scopely, but mobile game publisher Scopely said Cold Iron was not a good fit for its portfolio. So it began shopping the studio around, and Daybreak made the winning bid.

Under the new ownership, Cold Iron will operate independently, with Daybreak acting as its publisher, providing marketing, tech, and operational support. The studio has more than 40 developers.

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