Xbox boss on the physics of the PlayStation 5’s design

The PlayStation 5 consoles.

Image Credit: PlayStation

When designing the look of a video game console, engineers must account for a number of important variables. Chief among these is heat, and it sounds like that was an even bigger issue for the upcoming generation of consoles: the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke on that point during an Animal Talking with Gary Whitta interview yesterday.

During that discussion, Whitta asked Spencer (all inside Animal Crossing, Nintendo’s hit game) for his thoughts about the PS5’s external look. Spencer indicated that he seemed to sympathize with Sony’s engineers because he understands the difficulties of working with the hardware in the PlayStation 5. Microsoft and Sony are both using AMD components in their next-gen consoles.

“It’s hard because I know the physics that we’re both dealing with when it comes to these consoles,” Spencer told Whita. “And cooling these consoles — the power, the energy use — that presents real challenges this generation. We’re talking about consoles — with the CPU and GPU — that are real powerful computers, effectively.”