Rain Games has announced Teslagrad 2, a sequel to its 2013 indie Metroidvania.

The first Teslagrad stood out with its use of magnetic and electric-based abilities and managed to sell over 1.7 million copies. As a Metroidvania, the game focuses on 2D exploration. It has become a popular genre for indie games, with titles like Axiom Verge and Hollow Knight proving to be hits. Both of those games are also getting sequels.

While the original Teslagrad focused on a steampunk version of Old Europe, the sequel takes its aesthetic inspiration from Norway and Vikings. Rain Games is promising other additions for the sequel that will make it stand out from its predecessor.

Teslagrad 2 does not have a release date yet. We also don’t know what platforms it’s coming to, but the first Teslagrad released for just about everything, including PC, consoles, and mobile.

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