Brands navigating social media have to execute a very delicate dance. Post too little and your audience forgets about you. Post too much and they feel like they’re getting spammed. And then there’s the whole question of exactly what you should post.

The good news is that despite brands that post to Facebook hourly and Twitter every 15 minutes, you really don’t have to do that much. In fact, once a day is completely fine for your organization. The problem is actually getting it done.

Postoplan is an easy-to-navigate platform that not only handles all your social media and messenger posting all in one place, but it actually helps you automate the process. That takes the pressure of staying on top of an eternal posting schedule off your hands.

You can link an unlimited number of social accounts through the Postoplan interface, then schedule a time for posting when your target audience is most interested. From there, Postoplan does the rest, publishing on its own automatically. If you want to launch a new weekly promotion every Friday, just schedule the weekly post, enter your text and images — and you’re done.

If you’re constantly at a loss for what to post, Postoplan is there to help with their calendar packed with over 700 different post ideas, including something for literally every day of the year. Don’t have an image to go with your post? You can search through over 5,000 pics in their onboard photo library and pick a favorite. It also includes a powerful image editor so you can tweak any pic just the way you want it.

Trusted by over 15,000 internet pros and companies in 140 countries, Postoplan can help you achieve the regular posting that expands your reach and generates up to 74 percent more traffic and subscribers from social networks. 

Regularly $199, you can get lifetime access to an ad-free Postoplan Social Media Automation account for half that price, just $99.99.

Prices subject to change.

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