Indie developer Young Horses announced today that Bugsnax is debuting on November 12. That’s the PlayStation 5‘s launch date.

Bugsnax is also going to be available for PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store on that date. But its release on PlayStation 5 is significant. It will give new console owners another game to play on their first day with the system, and it can strengthen the already popular notion that PS5 has a stronger launch lineup than competitor Xbox Series X.

While many next-gen games have stood out with sharp graphics and fast loading times, Bugsnax has entered public consciousness thank to its quirkiness and catchy theme song. The game has you hunting down those snack-themed-bugs, and eating them changes your appearance.

Young Horses also revealed on Twitter that the game has “gone gold.” In the old days, this meant that development of a game was over, the developer created a master version of the software (often on a gold disc), and that production was all that’s left. Back in the day, once you start printing CDs, you couldn’t alter the game. The term actually came from the music industry, hence its association with discs (and not so much with floppy disks or cartridges).

Of course, now we have the internet and day one patches, so going gold doesn’t really have the same weight that it once had. Still, it does signify a milestone, as main development for the game is done. No doubt the team is still busy squashing bugs, and I don’t mean the snack-themed ones.

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