For those who don’t feel artistically gifted, the modern world of multimedia visuals can raise some anxiety levels. We all know that our information stands a much higher chance of being seen and understand if it’s displayed as a graphic. In fact, the right mix of images and color in a graphic can actually make a reader 80 percent more inclined to understand that data.

While visuals are key to communication these days, that doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily got the artistic chops to pull it off. And freehand stick figures drawn in Microsoft Paint really don’t make the grade either. And even if you are an artist, graphics can still take a lot of time to assemble.

For those who could use a little help, Edraw Infographic Software hands virtually anyone the tools to craft sharp, effective professional-grade infographics in a matter of minutes.

Regardless of your talents, Edraw’s powerful Infographic Maker app can get you well on your way to a finished graphic suitable for a poster, flyer, brochure, PowerPoint presentation, or any other medium with just a few clicks.

Once you choose your template, you can plunge into Edraw’s extensive library featuring over 10,000 different vector graphics you can drop into your work. With icons and other clip art images representing easily searchable categories like technology, business, people, and more, it won’t take like to fit an element that fits the information and style of your presentation.

If the image needs a little tweak, Edraw’s onboard editor lets you change colors, shadows, fonts, effects, and anything else in your graphic that could use a punch-up. And because they’re vector graphics, they can all be enlarged or shrunken to fit your project with no loss of image quality.

Finally, Edraw allows you to export your finished work any way you like in most of the popular graphic formats, from PDF and PPT to PNG, SVG, and more.

Edraw Infographic Software is a huge time saver that can instantly elevate your social posts, website or marketing materials with quality graphics. Right now, a lifetime of access to Edraw is on sale at over half off the regular price, just $45.

Prices subject to change.

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