We’ve all tried to copy some text off a web page — and we’ve all experienced what a nightmare that can turn into. With various formatting, your text often gets pasted into a page with strange sizes and borders that all have to be fixed. Before you know it, you’ve spent several minutes trying to save a simple line of text. Then…where do you save it? And how do you add to it?

Simple note-taking off the web is often a struggle. Sticky Notes streamlines the whole process down to quick clicks that save time, save aggravation, and just make the entire notation procedure an aid rather than an obstacle. 

Sticky Notes has been refining the note-taking game for over a decade and have over 1.5 million happy users to prove it. Their system is entirely browser-based, lightning-fast, and easy to incorporate into a fast-paced online workflow.

If you find a note you want to keep, just copy it, click on the Sticky Notes icon in the top-right of your browser window, then paste it into the open Sticky Notes window. That’s it. You can save multiple files in multiple folders, all accessible with that save one-click simplicity without the need for opening various apps, other windows or extra tabs.

With this premium subscription, all files automatically backup, you can include style options like bold, italics or underline with a click, set up notes with several visually appealing themes, or create bulleted or numbered mini lists to keep items like to-do lists straight.

Best of all, everything is saved right on your device, so you don’t even need to be connected to the web to access your data.

Right now in the VentureBeat Deals Store, you can pick up a lifetime of Sticky Notes access, a nearly $1,200 value, for hundreds off the regular price, just $49.99.

Prices subject to change.

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