Xbox Series X Seagate Expansion Card teardown

The Seagate Expansion Card teardown.

Both Microsoft and Sony are making a big deal about the storage technology in their upcoming next-gen consoles. And they should. They’re both using cutting-edge NVMe SSDs that are an order of magnitude faster than what we had in the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. But this hardware comes with at least one major drawback: It’s expensive. That’s why the Xbox Series X comes with only a 1TB drive while the PlayStation 5 has a 825GB SSD. And if you want more on Xbox, that’s going to cost you $220 for the Seagate Storage Expansion Card.

What’s going on with that Seagate drive? Is it completely custom, or does it use some existing tech? And how can a hard drive possibly justify $220 for 1TB of storage?

Well, let’s get into all of that starting with this: The Seagate Expansion Card isn’t a hard drive. The new consoles do not use hard drives at all. That is an obsolete technology for gaming, and we’ve moved onto SSDs. I’m not gonna give anyone a hard time for conflating the terms, but it’s a bit like calling a Blu-ray disc a “floppy.”