Hardcore gamers are often among the most obsessed sub-culture lovers you’ll find anywhere. If gaming is one of their passionate pursuits, it often isn’t enough to play games for hours on end. That obsession will many times lead to a compulsion to actually create games of their own.

Thankfully, the tools are now in place for developing creators to generate games that can genuinely rival even some of the most popular games around.

Whether you’re devoted to perfecting your gameplay or ready to craft a triple-A title of your own, the components of the Game Developer and Player Bundle ft. PlayStation Plus hit all the right bases.

The cornerstone of this package is a doozy: a one-year subscription to one of the premier streaming game services anywhere, PlayStation Plus. As part of 12 months of access, players get to enjoy some of the hottest new games like Marvel’s The Avengers, download two completely free games each month, enjoy exclusive monthly discounts of games and other supplies, as well as fill up 100GB of free cloud storage space. But of course, the biggest value to PlayStation Plus is the online multiplayer gameplay, allowing you to team up with and take on the other 40 million PlayStation Plus users. 

Meanwhile, you need to protect that web connection, which is where a lifetime of VPN Unlimited coverage comes in. With your IP cloaked inside a connection through VPN Unlimited’s network of more than 500 worldwide servers, no snoop or watchdog can ever track you or mine your sensitive information online.

Finally, this collection is filled out with five courses that take your devotion to gaming to the next level, with full training in how to become your own highly skilled game developer.

The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019 offers a natural launching pad, packed with knowledge in using Unity, the world’s most popular game engine platform.

Since C# programming factors so heavily into game development, there’s also The Unity C# Survival Guide with all that training. Next, you can follow up with The Ultimate Guide to Cinematography with Unity as students create four finished, cinematic cutscenes for a Unity-based stealth adventure game. And yes, you create the game it’s a part of as well.

And those skills are further refined for the smartphone and tablet space in the Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development.

Finally, this package closes with an extensive Game Development and Design lifetime subscription, which includes mountains of additional game development training, step-by-step videos, support from instructors and professionals; and a full library packed with royalty-free game art that can be inserted right into your own games.

Just looking at everything included, it’s no surprise that to purchase all these elements would set you back more than $7,000. But with this offer, the whole package is one sale for pennies on the dollar, just $99.99.

Prices subject to change.

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