Entertainment is more than just which movies or TV you choose to watch. It’s where you play your video games. It’s the services that drive your self-improvement goals. It’s the technology that brings all that content to you via the device you choose. 

Entertainment is an ocean of options. So if you’re going to pay for your entertainment, you may as well pay for a package that understands the full scope of your entertainment options and brings you…well, everything.

The Complete Entertainment Bundle ft. PlayStation Plus ($199.99; 80 percent off) is definitely that behemoth of a package. Altogether, it’s 12 different services, libraries, and technologies that bring literally millions of films, TV shows, videos, performances, and other incredible resources into one catch-em-all bundle.

The heart of this collection offers one of the most popular gaming platforms along with one of the most critical means of protecting yourself online. With one year of PlayStation Plus service, you can play all your favorite PlayStation games, get a pair of free games every month, enjoy exclusive offers and play against over 41 million other PlayStation Plus users in all the biggest and best multiplayer games available today. 

Meanwhile, no one will ever exploit your presence online with a lifetime of VPN Unlimited protection. By connecting to the web through VPN Unlimited’s shielded network of global servers, your IP address and sensitive information is forever safeguarded, allowing you to surf the web anonymously and avoid attacks by hackers and any other online force trying to assail your privacy.

Of course, entertainment usually makes you think of films and television, so this collection brings mountains of those options, including a year of top international offerings from Topic; scores of documentaries and other content around world history for a year with History Hit TV; and an eye-popping catalog of millions of movies, TV shows, videos, music, and games via a lifetime pass with BitMar Elite Streaming.

Entertainment can also be about becoming a better you, which can happen through a year of online yoga targeted for every possible group with YogaDownload Unlimited Plan. Or you can regulate your sleep better and feel better in the morning with the expert-approved video and audio content channels found in the Restflix Restful Sleep Streaming Service. You can learn more than a dozen different languages through world-class instruction with a lifetime of Memrise access. And you can even use the Relax My Dog app to feed your pet hours of music and video scientifically proven to help calm dog anxieties and make your best friend healthier.

Finally, Kast TV turns streaming content into watch parties so you can watch movies or shows with friends remotely; while Elmedia brings a feature-heavy media player for Mac users, while Just Stream syncs your Mac screen right to your home TV so you can watch virtually anything in style.

All these apps routinely would cost you over $1,000, but as part of this collection, all this content is on sale for only $199.99.

Prices subject to change.

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