Tap into your creative side like you’ve never done before and navigate your computer experience with powerful versatility by using TourBox: The Ultimate Controller for Creators. This one-handed console is equipped with a dynamic knob, buttons, and scroller — primed to optimize your editing and production efficiency.

Inspiration should never be blocked by tedious operations and TourBox allows you to eliminate wasted movement and time, freeing you from the seemingly endless repetitive tasks that are too often required to deliver quality development, editing, and retouching, whether your working with drawings, photos, videos or audio.

Whether you make a living as a professional or want to work on perfecting a hobby, TourBox will help you take the next step in that process. Typically sold for $169, VentureBeat is currently serving up a discounted price of $149.99, further increasing the value of a tool designed to sharpen your approach.

TourBox is like an extension of your hand, helping you to create, think, and control in an intuitive way. Dedicated to digital content creators like you, this control allows easy accessibility to an array of software, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and Capture One. 

Compatible with both Windows and macOS, use it for all your drawing, video, and audio-editing software needs, too. Change the way you pursue projects in setups found on Clip Studio Paint, Comic Studio, and  SAI, or Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci, Audition & C4D

A versatile knob enables you to easily control the size, flow, transparency, and hardness of the brush. Meanwhile, an ergonomic hands-on layout provides quick access to commonly used controls, and TourBox is conveniently designed for use alongside a tablet or mouse, so you can maximize your work station.

Take advantage of this project-changing controller by claiming your TourBox at a reduced cost.

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