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There’s no true substitute for a doctor you trust. Once you’ve got a physician who understands you, your health concerns, and your medical needs, you hang on to them like gold. Because just like there’s no substitute for a great doctor, there’s no real substitute for a healthy, happy life either.

But while you might love your doctor, they likely aren’t living in your home, which means your contact is limited to emergencies, checkups, and whenever you can find the time and money to schedule an appointment.

That limited access and expense are just two of the reasons why millions of people have started taking a much more hands-on approach to designing a healthy lifestyle. And with so many interested in tracking and understanding their own health, the market has exploded with wearables and other health-based tech apps to help make that happen. In fact, the number of health and fitness app users ballooned to more than 87 million in 2020, a more than 27 percent rise over 2019.

People are more interested in what’s happening inside their bodies than ever before. And with today’s technology, they want to do their own testing, analyze their own results, and improve their overall health on their own. That’s where Base comes in.

Better, healthier living through technology

Base is the brainchild of founder Lola Priego. Priego started suffering from fatigue and brain fog and went looking for answers.

She eventually found herself visiting a lot of doctors and saw first hand how convoluted the process was. And it gave Priego an idea. 

Now, Base is a team of engineers, scientists, doctors, and data analysts creating a data-driven system for individuals to tackle their own specific health issues — and triumph. For users who can’t sleep, suffer from fatigue and low energy levels, elevated stress, an imbalanced diet, diminished sex drive, and more, Base offers a methodology for identifying the underlying issue and crafting a data-based plan for improving those conditions.

How Base works

With a Base Improve monthly membership or Base Monitor quarterly membership, users are ready to dive into their specific health picture. That usually starts with a simple at-home test. Based on your particular concern, you supply a saliva sample or draw a pin-prick blood sample and send it in.

Base partners with third-party CLIA-certified labs like Quest Diagnostics to distribute their FDA-approved collection materials, and in less than 10 business days, you’ll get Base’s personalized test results that not only pinpoint your specific issue but actually fashion the beginning of your own treatment plan for addressing that problem.

For example, someone suffering from sleep issues will have their saliva tested for key sleep hormone and vitamin levels such as melatonin, glutamate, GABA, and more. Base guides users through which tests to perform and in what order to get to the root cause of the issue. 

With the problem identified, you use the Base app and receive a Base score. Users then improve that score by following a set of personalized recommendations, a nutritional, lifestyle, and supplemental checklist for improving their health, setting goals toward that recovery, and monitor progress at all steps along the way.

As Priego explains, “Our nutritional and lifestyle recommendations come from algorithms that use data science to match your results with clinical trials that are supervised by doctors.”

Base isn’t just simple bloodwork. It’s a complete method for decoding what ails you, with a fully realized and actionable path for healing yourself.

Right now, users can save 20 percent off the first month of the Base Improve subscription, which is $59.95 monthly. Once your problem is identified, you can then switch over to a Base Monitor plan for maintaining your progress through quarterly testing.

Prices subject to change.

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