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About Us

So, you’re curious about GamesBeat … enough to check out our About Us page. (Seriously, who reads these things? Besides you, we mean.)

As a big part of VentureBeat, GamesBeat covers many different aspects of the gaming world — but not all aspects. Here’s what you’ll find: industry and business news, business reports, analysis, previews, reviews, strategy guides, and stories about the culture of our beloved hobby. If it’s smart, interesting, or funny, you’ll probably read about it on GamesBeat. What you won’t find here: shoddy reporting, inflammatory articles that are just out to get your clicks, or “Top 100 boobs” posts (sorry, you’ll have to look elsewhere for those).

We pride ourselves on intelligent editorial content that has personality, honesty, and integrity. We won’t expect you to read it if we’re not willing to read it ourselves.

About you

Do you have something you want to tell the world about, or do you think you can provide better coverage of gaming than we can? Prove it!

At GamesBeat, we believe in working with the community to produce awesome stories readers can’t find anywhere else. You understand gaming just as much as we do … perhaps even more. So when you register with us and post a cool, original article, we’ll do our best to make sure people see it. You can even make a little cash from it.

We want GamesBeat to be the best place for great content creators to build a reputation and get noticed by their peers, by our staff, and by the big world outside of our website. Which brings us to…

How GamesBeat works

When you post a story, it’ll go into our queue for approval. (Sorry, stupid spammers had to ruin everything.) If our moderators OK your post, it’ll appear in our GB Unfiltered feed. Then, if your article grabs our attention for all the right reasons, we may vet and edit it for quality control (including grammar, punctuation, and fact-checking) and promote it to the front page of GamesBeat to sit alongside our own, staff-produced stories.

In other words, we’re not just giving you a user blog or a little corner of the site. If you’ve got the goods, then we’ll treat your story as one of our own, giving it the attention and status that it deserves.

Note: If you don’t register with your real name, we won’t promote any of your posts. This isn’t a glorified message board, folks. This is a place for good writers to thrive and stand out and for other people to recognize your awesomeness, so we insist on the use of real names here.

If that won’t convince you, how about this? When we did this editorial model before (on Bitmob.com), some of our community members were able to land game-industry jobs because of the stories they wrote on our site. You think that will happen if your bylines read “by PlayStationFoxxyPapa”? Also, we run a lot of contests here for our community members, and you’re automatically disqualified from them all if you’re not using a real name.

We do this because we want to foster a very friendly and mature community environment here. Real names help that out a lot.

Submission guidelines

We’re looking for smart, funny, and insightful content about games. That’s about as guideline-y as we’re going to get. Of course, great headlines and intros, strong grammar, and correct spelling will go a long ways toward making sure your posts get noticed not only by our editors but by other readers.

We delete offensive or promotional stuff. We reserve the right to ban you if your posts or your general behavior reflect poorly on GamesBeat or VentureBeat.

We discourage stories that originated from other sites, but if you own it and really want to publish it here, you can, as long as you’re not selling anything. Source links go at the bottom of the post.

You said something about cash?

We did. Normally, you can put your own Google AdSense ads on your own posts, so you can get paid for your pageviews. But right now, it’s not working because Google made some changes to its AdSense program. We’re in the midst of updating the system now. Check back here (or on Twitter or Facebook) for further updates!

Contact us

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Public relations: Bill Lessard, PR with Brains, wlessard@prwithbrains.com
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