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Today’s newsletter marks the transition from BotBeat Weekly to AIWeekly. We’ll continue to cover bots and messaging as part of our overall AI coverage, connecting the dots between all three topics while looking for new patterns.

And wowza, just yesterday we saw the making of a new pattern. Google disclosed that its TPU chips (for tensor processing units) were 15 to 30 times faster than contemporary chips for AI computing. As Jordan Novet reports, Google relies on these custom TPU chips when operating artificial neural networks to more efficiently make inferences about new data.


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This is a significant development, one that augments the computational power of existing data centers (typically built on CPUs, or for AI-centric companies, additionally GPUs from the likes of AMD and Nvidia) to meet the future demands for neural networks. In 2013, Google had determined that AI workloads could double the computing demands of its data centers and began an effort to get 10 times better cost-performance in comparison with GPUs. The new chips are a result of this focus and have been in use since 2015.

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P.S. Please enjoy this video from DARPA that offers a smart perspective on AI.

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