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If you’re unaware of the hype surrounding artificial intelligence, then you may be living under a rock. I’m tired of writing about it, and I trust you’re tired of reading about it.

So it was with pleasure yesterday that I heard Ryan Graciano, Credit Karma‘s chief technology officer, tell me, “The term ‘AI’ is definitely extreme on the hype factor. I like to pull apart the term: it’s not AI, it’s ANI — artificial narrow intelligence. Good at predicting or doing only one thing. And that I’d say is deserving of a lot of hype.”

Graciano and I were onstage at Collision in New Orleans, discussing the ways Credit Karma uses big data and ANI to do something very well: namely, provide free credit scores to more than 60 million people while amassing a data set that provides insight into roughly one-fifth of America’s household debt. Graciano sees the consumer trust earned by his company as a competitive advantage. “If your company can’t wield ANI effectively, then you’re at a massive disadvantage against someone who can,” he said.


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P.S. Please enjoy this video from Collision, “Using big data to inspire consumer confidence.”

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