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Job loss caused by technology and automation was an important topic during the recent U.S. presidential election, and one that is generating a bit of heat at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week. While business leaders wrestle with social and economic costs versus increased productivity, whatever salve they come up with will do little for customer service and call center workers, among others, who might be replaced by chatbots and artificial intelligence. However, it was AI, specifically, and the jobs it might replace that won people’s attention at Davos.

During a panel discussion, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addressed the topic without offering specifics. “It’s not like we actually have economic growth today. So we actually need technological breakthrough, we need AI,” Nadella said, praising the potential for GDP growth and explaining that laid-off workers would need retraining.


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Rometty, however, acknowledged the worries of workers who fear AI. “There’s so much fear about jobs,” she said. “But most of us will be working with these systems.” She argued that waves of new technologies create waves of new jobs.

Alone, such talk means little and does nothing to assuage the fears of vulnerable workers. However, it does suggest at least an awareness of the disconnect between those who look at technology and see utopia, and those who see a threat to their existence. I suppose it will have to do as a first step.

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P.S. Please enjoy this video of IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discussing artificial intelligence at Davos.


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