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As artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) gain momentum in the design and engineering of next-generation applications, we’re eventually going to be seeing multiple instances of AI and ML engines in some apps to make them more effective. 

That logic is now moving from an idea to real-life production. XpertRule‘s business-process management platform is one of the first to multiply deployments of AI as challenging new use cases come to the fore. The U.K.-based company today announced the latest release of its low-code enterprise AI platform, which makes it possible to digitally capture the expertise of knowledge workers and immediately apply it to automate workflows that require both decisions and deep user interactions. 

“The ability to generate more data-driven decision-making and automate workflows with a low-code platform is an advancement to scale and accelerate intelligent automation,” said Melissa O’Brien, a researcher at HFS, a leading intelligent automation research firm.

XpertRule claims that its platform captures, learns, and optimizes organizational decision-making, learns predictive models from data, and delivers the combined expertise digitally back to the line-of-business employees in near-real-time. This requires more than one AI engine with a machine-learning assist. 


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As more complicated applications come into the markets around financial, scientific, healthcare, and pharmaceutical use cases, faster, and more powerful process automation will be needed to keep the results flowing in real-time. XpertRule intends to be there when that happens.

Effective end-to-end workflow automation

This process results in end-to-end workflow automation by combining complex customer interactions with decisions made by line-of-business employees, CEO and founder Akeel Attar said. “It digitally automates decisions made by knowledge workers, unifying both front and back-office operations and resulting in greater efficiencies,” Attar said. “This latest iteration of also features a new user interface, making it easier for developers to automate complex workflows and streamline any decision-making process.” 

What makes unique is the way it empowers clients to extend their current automation capabilities to every corner of their enterprise, Attar said. 

“It delivers immediate, direct, and tangible benefits to the bottom-line of any organization,” Attar said. “We all have workflows that require expertise and decision support. Now imagine being able to flawlessly automate and execute them all while supporting closely aligned business objectives. That’s where comes in.” 

Key new capabilities for 4.0 include the following:

  • Serverless deployment options provide more roll-out flexibility while making it easier to maintain and scale the digital decisioning process.
  • New platform UX enables greater developer productivity by leveraging enhanced knowledge editors and new build tools for rapid development and ease of maintenance.
  • New and enhanced knowledge representations and ML technologies with more continual learning options to accelerate automated decisioning.
  • Improved dashboard integration, providing superior automation monitoring and reporting capabilities.
  • Extended multiple language translation support for deployed applications, providing broader appeal and greater access.
  • End-to-end automation capabilities across web, chat, voice and mobile channels.
  • Built-in robotic process automation (RPA) integration tools help extend the boundaries of transactional automation.
  • Integration with cognitive services, including Google Cloud AI and Azure Cognitive Services, through built-in API connectors. earned a 4.3/5-star rating in Gartner Peer Reviews. It competes in the business process management (BPM) market against Appian BPM, Unqork, NewGen, Bizagi, Oracle, IBM, and Comindware Tracker.

Questions for XpertRule’s CEO

CEO and founder Akeel Attar, shared with VentureBeat what precisely sets XpertRule apart from competitors and how it utilizes AI and ML in its solution package.

VentureBeat: What differentiates XpertRule from competitors, such as NewGen, Unqork, and others?  

Attar: Unqork is a general-purpose no‑code application development platform, whilst NewGen is an LCAP targeted at the automation of content-centric business processes and customer communications. In contrast, is a low-code/no-code application development platform targeted at intelligent process automation and uniquely offering a unified platform for complex workflow, digital decisioning, conversational AI, and predictive explainable machine learning. 

Both the authoring and deployment components of the platform are 100% cloud-native and run serverless on AWS and Azure or on-premise. 

VentureBeat: How are you using AI in this solution?  

Attar: People often associate AI with machine learning, and with deep learning specifically. For over 20 years, we have been successfully deploying scalable AI solutions enterprise-wide in many sectors. We achieve this by combining Symbolic AI with machine learning. Symbolic AI (decisioning and conversational) automates best-practice human expertise and is also used to provide the auditable reasoning layer that can turn machine (deep) learning models into decisions and actions. Furthermore, supports symbolic machine learning that can be used to develop explainable predictive models. In addition, can consume within its digital decisioning any third-party ML models (image recognition, sentiment analysis etc.) via Rest Services/API connectors.   

VentureBeat: Is it designed for line-of-business people to use, or do you really need to be an IT person?  

Attar: The platform is designed for use by business people and citizen developers. XpertRule has an over 20-year track record in empowering subject-matter experts to use digital decisioning, conversational AI, and machine-learning technologies. The platform is the culmination of all those insights and learnings. 

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