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Four customizable artificial intelligence services were made available today from Microsoft Cognitive Services to enable businesses and developers to create AI.

New AI from Microsoft includes:

  • Custom Search to make search with your own terms
  • Custom Vision Service to let developers create computer vision with just a few dozen of their own images
  • Custom Decision Service to focus on A/B tests
  • Video Indexer to make videos searchable

“This set of services can custom train for your scenarios while still using rest APIs without the need of designing very complex models, so this would make it so much easier for you to make your own AI applications,” said Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research Group executive VP Harry Shum.

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Businesses using the service can add their own terminology or reduce the number of people with access to the AI made with specific data, said Fuse Labs at Microsoft Research general manager Lili Cheng. Microsoft Research created the four new AI models, Shum said.

“We found that pretty much everyone wants to be able to use the general models, but then they also want to be able to customize,” Cheng told VentureBeat in an interview. “In pretty much anything you build, if you can customize it, really quickly you find that the models aren’t that interesting, so even your voice — if you can’t customize it to your voice and you have an accent, maybe the general speech might not recognize it, so in the custom speech you could customize it to your voice or certain terms that you might have.”

More than 500,000 developers currently use the cognitive service, according to a Microsoft spokesperson.

Cognitive Services Labs also launched today to act as a testing ground for developers who want to try out different AI services.

Project Oxford was launched at Build in 2015, then was rebranded as Microsoft Cognitive Services at Build last year.

Microsoft Cognitive Services offers a total of 29 AI models to assist with things like computer vision, data analysis, and its natural language processor LUIS.

A Gestures API is also being developed that lets people communicate through movement in front of a camera.

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