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Sony unveiled a smorgasbord of gizmos at its Consumer Electronics Show keynote today, including new TVs, wireless headphones, and speakers. These gadgets, introduced by company CEO Kazuo Hirai, were largely incremental improvements on the company’s existing product lines.

The coolest new offering was a LifeSpace UX projector, which includes a set of built-in speakers to provide sound with a broadcasted picture. The coffee table-esque enclosure is meant for people who don’t want to dedicate space in their home to a TV and sound system.

Alongside the projector were the less elegantly named WF-SP700N wireless earbuds, designed to deliver high-quality sound without any wires, similar to Apple’s EarPods. (They will also be available in a wired configuration.)

The new A8F series TVs are the Japanese tech giant’s latest foray into the field of OLED displays and sport an X1 Extreme processor. On the LCD side, there’s Sony’s X900F series, which also includes the X1 Extreme.


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Looking toward the future, Hirai said that Sony is working on an X1 Ultimate processor that will provide twice the processing power of the Extreme.

To go with the new TVs, Hirai also unveiled a new HT-Z9F sounder, which will offer 3.1 channel sound, along with support for the Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

Hirai also took the occasion to highlight some of Sony’s other moves in the realm of artificial intelligence and robotics, posing on stage with one of the company’s latest Aibo robot dogs and discussing Sony’s commitment to building sensors that power autonomous vehicles.