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The question of whether AI will transform the world as we know it is settled. What’s to be decided is which businesses will seize the opportunity to embrace the benefits of AI. By 2022, 93 percent of companies will have implemented AI and cognitive solutions, and those that begin now will have a competitive advantage in an AI-driven world.

The good news? Any hesitation about jumping on the AI train can be put to rest. There are now ways to integrate AI and machine learning into your workflows and product development without hiring a team of pricy data scientists. The leap in affordability and ease of implementation now makes AI accessible to all.

Early wins for all kinds of companies are being seen in customer experience. By integrating AI into customer experience and support, business leaders are seeing significant cost-savings and impressive leaps in revenue and customer satisfaction scores.

To understand how companies are achieving these gains, and embracing AI without a team of technology savants, access the insights here.

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