This may be the year artificial intelligence moves firmly into the enterprise.

Big businesses like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Salesforce tout the AI agents they put to work for their clients. Autonomous vehicles have spread past experiments with taxi-style services and moved into industrial parks and commercial shipping. AI is powering services from marketing analysis to credit approval. The applications seem limitless.

That’s why VB is offering our second annual AI survey. It’s for execs who are busy integrating AI into their workflows and product development, or who may be just starting out.

It takes just a few minutes, and in return, you’ll have exclusive access to the full results, which won’t be released publicly.

In last year’s survey, 50% of AI buyers said the biggest barrier to AI adoption was too little talent and resources. Still, they expected AI to show results quickly: 42% of buyers of AI said they expected ROI within 4-6 months.

Another interesting finding last year was that a large number of leaders felt that responsibility for AI initiatives was wrongly placed. For example, only 13% of our respondents said that IT departments should be in charge of AI implementation, while 65% said business lines should be responsible — very different from the reality, where respondents reported that ownership was equally held between IT and line of business.

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Lend your voice: To learn more about where your company stands now, and how the market is evolving in the AI-first era, take the VB AI Survey now.