Intel is partnering with Paramount Pictures to explore the cinematic applications of its volumetric video technology, which it’s previously used to livestream and record virtual reality sports matches. The announcement comes after the company finished construction on Intel Studios, a 25,000 square foot volumetric video capture stage in Los Angeles.

At its keynote address ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich showed how viewers can experience a VR film from various perspectives. A short snippet from a Western film served as an example, zooming from camera to camera as a couple of cowboys brawl outside an old saloon — and then showing what the scene looks like from the perspective of the horse.

After the demo, Krzanich invited Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos on stage to comment on what movies might look like with volumetric video capture.

“When you give filmmakers tools like this, their imaginations are unfettered,” said Gianopulos. “You get some of the most gifted and talented filmmakers in the world, we can only imagine what they can do with this technology.”


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Intel will also be filming the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea next month with its volumetric video technology, with some events to be livestreamed and others available on demand.