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Managing a remote team takes a whole new set of organizational skills these days. Bosses can’t just saunter by someone’s cubicle and ask how things are going. They can’t just stick their head outside their office and gauge the current temperature of their crew. With team members down the street or around the world, it requires a modern-day manager to craft and follow through on a plan for regularly and substantively touching base with each and every member of their team.

That means whether we like it or not, the digital meeting is now among the most critical tools for not only overseeing projects, guiding work products, and facilitating teamwork, but for maintaining effective, productive, and positive relationships among an entire team.

Of course, online group meetings and important one-on-ones won’t get very far if they’re hampered by constant technical issues. The challenges of remote communication are more and more apparent every day. That’s where Krisp can help. Krisp was engineered by remote workers for remote workers, a noise cancellation app that helps every team member be heard loud and clear while making it easier to make sure every individual in a remote work team stays on the same page.

In fact, Krisp offers four major features for creating smarter, faster, and better-organized team meetings.

1. AI-based noise reduction

It never hurts if the tech works. And in Krisp’s case, the tech works very well indeed, highlighted by its stellar noise reduction technology powered by artificial intelligence. After sifting through more than 20,000 distinct sounds, 50,000 different speakers, and more than 2,500 hours of audio, the Krisp algorithm is primed with a neural network that can distinguish between the human speaking and everything happening in the background.

When enabled, it automatically decides what should and shouldn’t make it into the call. So the dog barking in the living room, the baby crying in the nursery, and even all that activity happening inside the office will never filter out through your Krisp meeting audio.

2. Vast integration

You’ve heard it since you were in pre-school: Play nice with others. Krisp took that instruction to heart, offering noise cancellation technology that works with virtually any platform you’re already using for online meetings.

Whether you work in a Zoom environment, a Microsoft Teams office, or you spend all day on Slack, Krisp seamlessly integrates with them all to create a simple noise cancellation solution. From RingCentral to Skype for Business, from Cisco WebEx to DialPad, you can use all of Krisp’s wicked smart features as though they were native to those other tools.

3. Easy, shareable audio recordings

It’s 2021. Nobody needs to keep the minutes of a meeting anymore. With the press of a button, users can use Krisp to record audio of the entire meeting for the ultimate backup. Attendees can listen back to catch anything they might have missed or need to remember. Most importantly, anyone who missed the meeting will have an easily accessible copy of what transpired, ensuring everyone always stays in the loop.

4. Protect your data

With any communication app, it’s natural to start thinking about ways it may leave your information vulnerable to theft or loss. With Krisp, your meetings stay protected from the minute they happen live to playback days, weeks, or even months later.

First, Krisp processes all voice audio data directly on the end user’s machine. The data itself never leaves the user’s machine unless it’s explicitly opted in by users for recordings.

And so what happens if you do make recordings of your meetings? When users opt-in, they hit a record button from inside the Krisp app, which will start recording. From there, audio files are saved and stored directly to Krisp’s ultra-secure AWS S3 storage facility, all in fully encrypted form.

Try Krisp now

Right now, you can give Krisp a spin for yourself, demoing the software that Forbes, Gartner, and Time all hailed as one of the most interesting tech innovations in recent memory. Personal and Personal Pro single-user accounts are never more expensive than $5 a month. Meanwhile, Krisp access for everything from small teams to enterprise-level operations is available at lower rates than you might expect.

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