The last 12 months in health tech have seen mind-boggling advances. Heading into its second year, HealthBeat will see the hottest topics explored by the sector’s most influential leaders on October 27-28. You’ll want to be there.

Patient-driven health care




It’s no longer a feel-good mantra. Both consumer and medical-grade patient wearables (and their apps) are giving empowerment and co-decision-making to patients. But with the proliferation of tech aimed at propelling the movement forward, which technologies are worth paying attention to? Which provide medical-grade accuracy?

Putting data to work for better outcomes





“Data rich and analysis poor.” That’s how Bryan Sivak, CTO at Health and Human Services (and one of HealthBeat’s keynote speakers) once put it. But changes are happening. It’s critical to know what kind of data analytics platforms are emerging to make electronic health record (EHR) data far more useful than mere exam records.

Knocking down the interoperability wall





With 80 percent of doctors now using electronic health records, we’ve never had more medical data available. Yet, exchanging data between health care systems remains a major hurdle. Recent advances in tech to achieve greater connectivity show promise, but they need to be embraced and extended. You’ll want to know how exactly.

Some of those tackling data at HealthBeat: Martin Entwistle,ED, Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation; Tina Grande, Chair, Confidentiality Coalition, Healthcare Leadership Council; Dan Haley, Asst. General Council, athenahealth;

The intersection of traditional med-tech and digital health




These two sectors have entirely different cultures and approaches to innovation and development. How do the two intersect heading into 2015 and what do they have to learn from each other?

The patient-journey




Patients will soon expect their doctors to be able to access their entire medical history and to experience a seamless journey from healthy to sick to cured – and across home, hospitals, and clinics. Innovators at the forefront of this movement are making critical headway. Learn exactly where they’re going.

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